Money for Your Luxury Items

1Whether we’re looking for extra cash to fund a child’s university tuition or just cleaning out the attic, the time may come when we decide to part with Grandmother’s diamond ring or those emerald earrings we’ve never found an occasion to wear. The traditional way to unload such items is to take them to our local pawn shop and hope that the dealer there will give us a fair price for them. But is the dealer offering an honest bid? Does he or she even know the market value of our possessions? It’s a hit and miss undertaking, to say the least.

A Better Way with Luxury Buyers

The internet can provide us with a better, easier, and more secure way to sell our luxury items, whether jewelry, watches, or designer handbags. Luxury Buyers is an online agency that takes pride not only in the accuracy and fairness of its appraisal of luxury goods, but in its risk-free and customer-friendly business practices. Luxury Buyers has developed an easy and convenient three-step process for assessing and buying your luxury items. After describing your item on the registration form available on the Luxury Buyers site, you will receive an estimate of the item’s worth. If you decide to continue, Luxury Buyers will send you a fully insured and pre-paid shipping label for your item. Once it arrives at their office, Luxury Buyers will send you their final estimate within forty-eight hours. If you accept their offer, your payment is on its way; if you decide to cancel the procedure, Luxury Buyers will ship your item back to you at their expense.

There’s No Risk to You

Luxury Buyers provides free shipping, free insurance and immediate payment upon your acceptance of their final offer. What are you waiting for?

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